Harassment Charges | Long Island Criminal Defense Attorney
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Harassment & Stalking Charges

The charges of Harassment and Stalking are serious and can impact your life almost immediately after a complaint is filed. In most cases, the prosecution will immediately seek an order of protection that will prohibit or limit the contact you have with the complaining witness. The order may require you stay away from the home or place of business of the complainant. If you work together or live together or frequent the same places, that could make your life complicated and could restrict your access to the people and places you love. 


Hire a Skilled Long Island Criminal Defense Attorney

You will need to hire a skilled and experienced attorney like Louise Hochberg to help you handle your case. Ms. Hochberg is an aggressive advocate who will protect your rights and try to limit the restrictions the prosecution seeks to impose. Not every case brought sufficiently alleges Harassment or Stalking. If you are being unfairly accused, she will fight to get your case dismissed. She will fight to ensure you access to your friends and family and to preserve your record.


Ms. Hochberg is a skilled attorney who can help you determine the best way to proceed. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your case? Is it a case that should go to trial? Are there any issues regarding the recovery of evidence? Would you be better off negotiating a plea agreement? Would some type of rehabilitation program be useful? Whatever the facts of your case, Ms. Hochberg will zealously advocate on your behalf.


Contact Louise Hochberg for a consultation.


*You can also e-mail Louise Hochberg by using the form below.  Do not include any details regarding the facts of your case or the case you are inquiring about in any message you send.