Long Island Criminal Defense Attorney | Louise Hochberg
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Drug Cases

Whether you are arrested for possessing marijuana or a more serious drug, Louise Hochberg will fight to protect your rights and preserve your record. If it is a first-time arrest for possessing marijuana and there are no aggravating circumstances, Ms. Hochberg will guide you through the process of getting your case dismissed pursuant to the Criminal Procedure Law.


Hire a Long Island Criminal Defense Attorney

If it is a more serious charge, you need someone who will exhaustively research and investigate your case to determine the best course of action and to limit any collateral consequences. Is it a case that should be dismissed? Was the search and recovery of evidence legal? How can you get the best plea offer? Maybe you have a drug problem and need to get into a program that will aid in your recovery and help you resolve your case. Whatever the facts, Ms. Hochberg will zealously advocate to favorably resolve your case so that you can put it behind you.

Contact Louise Hochberg for a consultation.


*You can also e-mail Louise Hochberg by using the form below.  Do not include any details regarding the facts of your case or the case you are inquiring about in any message you send.