Long Island Criminal Defense Attorney | Louise Hochberg
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Louise Hochberg has been practicing criminal law for over 15 years. She is a dedicated and skilled attorney who aggressively defends her clients. Ms. Hochberg defends clients charged with drug crimes, driving while under the influence or impaired by alcohol or drugs, assault, theft, possessing a fake license and everything in between. (Click on the “Areas of Practice” above for more information.)


Being charged with any crime is a serious matter. Criminal convictions can carry jail time and impact the status of professional licenses, driving privileges, student loans, financial aid or scholarships, immigration, car insurance and more. You need the help of an experienced and tenacious lawyer like Ms. Hochberg to fight for your rights and preserve your record.


Ms. Hochberg is a zealous advocate and achieves great results for her clients. Her approach is comprehensive and exhaustive. She will fight to get your case dismissed and work tirelessly to put you in the best position for trial and plea negotiation. She treats every case with the greatest care and attention. Contact her today to schedule a consultation.



Areas of Practice

Two bandits with baseball bat waiting for victim
Disorderly Conduct
domestic violence with young man and abused woman
Domestic Violence
Drug Pill Closeup
Drug Crimes
Woman driver shocked after accident
Lonely hooded female person from behind standing at seashore
Harassment & Stalking
Handcuffed soldier in military army clothes
Probation Violations
Manchester, UK - 10 May 2017: Graffiti On Wall In Manchester Street
Property Crimes
Closeup of fingerprint on paper
Sealing Criminal Record
Clothes Shop Costume Dress Fashion Store Style Concept
Theft Offenses
CCTV cameras installed on the road for traffic reports and speed
Traffic Infractions

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